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ASEAN float glass supply and demand

As everywhere, Covid-19 has had a major impact on float glass consumption across ASEAN, and those manufacturers that had built an overseas export base are also increasingly suffering. Jahir Ahmed looks for a ray of hope in these most uncertain of times…

Packaging: problems and solutions

As container glass expansion continues, and fears over alternates are lobbed into the mix, many would consider that this is a great era to be involved in bottle and jar manufacture。 However, it is not the case in every corner of the continent, as Yogender Malik finds out。。

Safety glass on the sub-continent

Safety glass output and consumption across the sub-continent is being driven by multiple factors, leading to an industry filled of diverse opinion. Rohan Gunasekera looks at the highlights – and the low-lights – of this developing sector…

Japan: long term silicone performance

Fumihiko Chiba (YKK AP Inc.), Takashi Matsuo (IoT Shimizu Corp.) and Hideyuki Mori (Dow Toray Co. Ltd) discuss how structural sealant glazing is standing the test of more than 30 years of application…

Façade developments in Southern China

Martien Teich, Christian Rehner, Fabian Schmid of seele GmbH, discuss the development of a glass tube facade for Hong Kong…

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In focus

With the World in the eye of a Corona-virus storm, industry is attempting to keep going as normal。 However, as borders shut and factories ease off, are we now seeing how a global economy and outsourcing approach has a fundamental flaw? The wine bottle consumers of California provide the example…


泛亚竞猜Analysis and insight into Japan

Refractory Zone

News and developments from the refractory supply industry。

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